In the Shoes of Dima Haidar

Dima is a French Lebanese multidisciplinary designer who uses materials and colors that imbue her art with a sense of mystery. Her furniture collections are not defined by a particular style, but by the potential to create a unique statement with cultural resonance. Her pieces are daring and abstract. "If you like it, you will like it forever,” she says. Fusing tradition with technology has led to her unique style, giving each handmade piece its own personality. Combining her passion for architecture with exceptional craftsmanship, Dima’s line of furniture reaches a global audience.

Dima is one of the most sincere Lebanese women we know. We've asked her to share some of her favorite spots around Beirut, and where she goes for a breath of fresh air.

Favorite Restaurants:

  • Balthus
  • Villa Clara
  • Oum Charif

Favorite Bars:

  • Wine bar
  • Pacifico

Favorite places for Culture:

  • National Museum
  • Sursock Museum
  • Aishti Foundation

Where do you go to Escape Beirut's chaos?

  • Anfeh in the North
  • Tyr in the South
  • Mir Amin Palace in Chouf

What inspires you most about Lebanon? The buzz and the chaos, the architecture of old Beirut, and the quaint streets of the city.

You can see Dima's work on her website: and follow her on Instagram: @dima_haidar_design