Solana X Beirut Launch

Solana is pleased to announce its Beirut Launch was a great success! After many months of preparation (and many days of blood, sweat, and tears), friends and family gathered together during Beirut Design Week to view the first unveiling of Solana's Lebanon Collection.

The Lebanon Collection features five designs "painted" by local Lebanese artists: Sarah Adaime, Lynn Atme, Lucciana Baradhi, Tracy Chahwan, and Jad al Khoury.

The event took place on the rooftop of Kalei Coffee Co. above Mar Mikhael. The party began officially at 6p but guests were already purchasing shoes before the clock struck the hour, proud to be the first owners of Solana's. As the party officially began, guests arrived and circled the display at the center of the venue. The venue was decorated tastefully with hanging lights, flowers, and a timely strawberry full moon.

At around 8p, a hush grew over the growing crowd when Lebanon's Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, entered to make an appearance. His niece pulled his face into a smile as he witnessed how new generations are paving the way to a better future. Fully surrounded by his armed detail, Hariri listened to Founder Yasmine Idriss address the crowd and watched a short film put together by Filmmaker Marie-Rose Osta, featuring Tanya Saab, portraying a beautiful but chaotic Lebanon through their lens.

As the film came to an end, the artists gathered with Idriss and Hariri for a photo that encapsulated the night. Visionary, artists, and honorary guests received an applause and glasses joined to salute the work of Solana. Idriss looked on happily. Her dream to bring together artists from around the world through the language of art was now a reality unfolding before her eyes.

Around 10:30p, at what officials said was the most attended event of Beirut Design Week, guests bedizened in new footwear stepped from the venue and back into Mar Mikahel. Solana looked at the tab from the open bar and smiled. It had been a good night.

Solana looks forward to meeting more people in Beirut over the course of the week, before returning to New York City. Follow for more updates and details on the official US Launch, which will take place this fall.