Solana featured in GreenMatters


"After an unbearably long and frigid winter spent almost entirely indoors, most of us are mentally preparing for long days at the beach, tanning sessions on our apartment rooftops, and picnics in the park. And since sandals are an imperative part of our warm weather ~lewks~, we're seeking out some of the best eco-friendly sandals out there — take a look at a few of our favorite sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free options, below.

Vegan shoe company, Solana sells hand-crafted espadrilles that are made from all sustainable materials, comprised of recycled threads, tassels, textiles, and plastics found in the ocean. They are manufactured in Spain and inspired by Indonesian culture, and while we love them all, the the Gili Shoes ($130) are one of our favorites, simply because it's one of the few pairs of summer shoes that lets us get away with forgoing the pedicure — and that pop of color is absolutely perfect."

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