Catalina Island: California’s Hidden Riviera

Descanso Beach Club


When I think of California, as someone who has never been to the Golden state, many things come to mind. Coachella of course, and Snoop Dogg goes without saying. I think of the scenic stretch of Pacific Coast Highway along the Big Sur, which has long been on my list of roads to drive along when I can finally drive. The joys of the idyllic Santa Catalina island, just an hour’s boat ride from Los Angeles, may not be novel to SoCal locals, but to little old me in London, England, seeing Catalina island pop up on my Instagram timeline stopped me in my tracks! Catalina is a Mediterranean island getaway for locals, without the miles.

Santa Catalina was once the escape for old Hollywood stars seeking respite from the glitz and glamour of the movie capital of America, so it’s no wonder that a stay on the gorgeous island can make a dent in your purse. Before that, it was taken from the indigenous Americans by Spain in the 16th century, being named after St. Catherine. After being claimed by the USA, and experiencing a boom of decadence and economic prosperity in the Jazz age, the island was visited by the likes of John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill, before being scared away by the prospect of the island suffering the same fate as Pearl Harbour.

Catalina Island

Since the island regained popularity, visitors of Catalina report that it feels like stepping back in time, to an age of extravagance, similar to the star-studded Mediterranean island of Capri. Palm trees and cabanas line the sands of the Descanso Beach Club, the perfect setting for lazing around and dipping in and out of the azure shallows. Our Lime Polo Slippers sport Venetian star motif, that fit effortlessly with the sparkle of this dazzling island.

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