Cut down on Waste and Conserve Energy

These simple swaps will help you create less day-to-day trash and conserve energy on a daily basis!


1. A plastic-free food wrap made from biodegradable cotton and beeswax – unlike plastic wrap, it can be reused for up to a year before you will need to replace it.



Beeswax wrap is amazing! It's really great if you have half a vegetable left over, or a piece of cheese you need to wrap up. The heat from your hands will soften the beeswax wrap and makes it stick to itself like cling wrap - but it's reusable! When you're done you can just rinse it off and let it dry. 



2. A pack of absorbent reusable Swedish dishcloths for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable sponges or paper towels. Unlike regular dishcloths, these can be sanitized in the dishwasher or microwave between uses so you know it's not hiding any unwanted germs.



You can use these over and over and compost them when you're done since they're made of natural cellulose and cotton.


3. Reusable produce bags for cutting down your single-use plastic consumption at the grocery store or farmers market! Plus, with a drawstring closure it is much more convenient than standing in the middle of the aisle trying to knot the top of those flimsy plastic bags.



You can find these particular bags at Loosewarp, a Jackson, New Jersey-based small business supplying a variety of reusable produce bag for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Each set comes with six bags: two small, two medium, and two large.


4. A set of reusable shopping bags that fold up tiny enough to keep in a purse or backpack so you're always prepared to say no to the inevitable "Do you need a bag?" question.



These are made of recycled ripstop nylon, these bags are super durable, hold a load, and are also safe to machine wash!


5. Use a stainless-steel strainer and saucer set so you can forget your single-use tea bags (many use plastic sealants and aren't biodegradable) and take part in an eco-friendly tea time.



Start drinking more loose leaf tea as a way to cut down on the waste of tea bags. They strainers also have a hook you can put connect to the rim of mug and come with a little saucer to set the strainer on when it's finished steeping.


6. A set of mix-and-match cloth napkins for messy eaters who are looking to cut back on their paper towel consumption. These durable linen ones come in customizable packs with a wide range of color options to match your existing decor and style.



These cloth napkins comes from Touchable LINEN, a Ukraine-based small business run by Margarita Mazalova, who creates gorgeous linen home essentials, from bedding to tablecloths.


7. A mason jar herb garden that's super cute! Each kit includes a hydroponic system that regulates soil moisture so you can easily grow fresh herbs for every meal, reducing both food and plastic waste!



Uncommon Goods provides easy instruction to get these set up! Just add water to the reservoir, plant the seeds of your choice, and put the jar in a sunny location. You can pick from basil, cilantro, mint, oregano, parsley, and sage. Or collect them all for a bursting indoor garden!


8. A bamboo-blend single-layer bento box that is so good-looking it just might motivate you to bring lunch from home instead of ordering out and having to deal with all the takeout containers, utensils, and napkins that come along with it. Plus, it's also the perfect compact container for storing any leftovers!



Founded in 2020, Goldune is a small business founded by Azora Zoe Paknad with the goal of creating an inclusive marketplace for sustainably sourced and produced goods — from home decor to food — that also places importance and focus on working with woman and BIPOC-owned companies.


For those who want to go a step farther, use this link to calculate your carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it!



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