Europe's Most Scenic Train Rides

With Europe home to incredible mountain ranges, impressive lakes and rolling green hills, it's no wonder that the best way to see some of these is by boarding a train. The wonderfully connected railway lines across the continent make it easy to take in the scenic panoramas, whilst almost cutting your carbon footprint by half than if you were to fly. Here are three train rides in Europe to add to your bucket list:


Glacier Express

Glacier ExpressThough it may be the slowest express train in the world, what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in jaw-dropping vistas. The train makes the daily 291km, eight hour journey between Zermatt and St. Moritz in Switzerland, and is of course best enjoyed in the panorama cars, which have seat to ceiling windows. Pinching through the narrowest of valleys in the Alps, the snowy scenes through winter scream Polar Express. Start in Zermatt and spend the night in the luxury alpine resort of St Moritz

Venice Simplon-Orient Express

Simplon-Orient ExpressI think the Venice Simplon-Orient Express would be on anyone’s bucket list. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to ride the timeless, luxury vintage train from London to Venice, through Paris and Verona. The decadent carriages transports you back to the Golden Age of travel, with wooden panelled wall décor housing elegant private cabins and a luxurious dining car, Occasionally, Belmond offer routes to Budapest, Istanbul and Rome. A ticket will set you back nearly $4000, but the memories will last a lifetime. Of course, we'd recommend you wear your velvet  Vivarini Espadrilles from our Venice Collection when you hop off in Venice!

Bernina Express

Bernina Express traveling and exploring the Swiss alps towards Italy, EuropeThe highest railway in the alps, the Bernina is a more affordable four hour train route that takes you past the glaciers and up and down steep glaciers, from Chur to Tirano. Named after the Bernina Pass in the Bernina range in the Eastern Swiss Alps, sit on the right side of the train when travelling north to south, and vice versa

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