Three Totally Underrated European Travel Destinations


When everybody is flocking to the Balearics, or falling over themselves to get to Greece (myself included), try these up and coming hotspots before the crowds realize what they are missing out on! Here are three underrated holiday destinations in Europe.

Azores, Portugal 

Azores, PortugalThe fact that this nine-island volcanic archipelago lies 1525km from mainland Europe makes it almost comical to believe that coming here for summer is a ‘European holiday’. Nevertheless, this has not put travelers off visiting this autonomous region of Portugal, where paradisal beauty is unmatched. Volcanic peaks tower over craters and geothermal pools, and endless greenery create a blissful, Eden-like feel. Most visitors find themselves in São Miguel, staying in the vibrant coastal capital of Ponta Delgada. Stay at the White Suites and Villas in the neighbouring town of Lagoa for a polished stay with rugged, unspoiled views. Wear our Sumatra Artisanal Espadrilles for comfortable walks in a jaw dropping setting.

Bosnia + Herzegovina

Bosnia + Herzegovina

Similarly to pictures of the azure alpine lakes in Canada, images of Bosnia and Herzegovina can easily look like they have been photoshopped, but they are real. With its history of war in the 90s, tourism in the Balkan country has suffered, and with Croatia dominating the coastline, land-locking Bosnia and Herzegovina in, many flock there to summer instead. However, holidaying in Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming increasingly popular, with visitors heading to the enchanting Ottoman city of Mostar, which is arguably one of Europe’s most picturesque cities and home to Kravica waterfall, where locals cool off in the cascading fresh mountain water.



Another Balkan country steals a spot on the list of up and coming places to holiday in Europe - Montenegro. Offering every type of landscape, from golden bays carved out by steep mountains, to dramatic canyons and lush green fauna, Montenegro is a slept on Adriatic haven. The medieval towns of Budva and Kotor are characterised by rows of terracotta roofs. The Budva Riviera is particularly known for its shimmering coastline. Stay at the One & Only Portonovi in the Bay of Kotor for a unique and refined experience.

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