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Eating a plant-based diet is not just good for our health; it is good for Earth’s health too. Avoiding meat and dairy could reduce your carbon footprint from food by nearly three-quarters! 

These plant-based meal plans from The Happy Pear make it easy to eat meatless for breakfast, lunch, dinner - and even dessert! 




Chia Seed Pudding: Even if you have never liked the texture of chia seed pudding, try this recipe. You will be surprised - we were!

Perfect PorridgePorridge can often seem like a plain start to your day but we like to think of it as a blank slate which can be embellished and made into a delicious breakfast.

Banoffee Overnight OatsThe infamous British dessert when toffee, banana, & cream are brought together on a buttery biscuit base is recreated here as a healthier breakfast version that even makes a perfect snack or healthier dessert. 




High Protein Salad Burrito: A wonderful framework for a high protein rainbow salad which can easily be made into a burrito by taking a tortilla, a generous dollop of your favorite hummus and some salad, roll it up, and enjoy this healthy delicious lunch.

Easy Japanese Veg & Noodle Ramen: Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is a fresh tasting dish that's also simple to create. This dish was designed to be easy to make, using simple ingredients that you can find anywhere.

Red Lentil DahlThis red lentil Dahl melts in your mouth and will only leave you coming back for more. An easy homemade vegetarian curry recipe that is super simple, quick and comforting.




Whole Food Burger This veggie, bean free burger, doesn’t use TVP or Seiten and is full of veggie goodness. Be prepared for seconds!

Red Pepper Pesto Pasta: Super simple to make and a total crowd pleaser, this pasta is a perfect dinner for family and friends. 

Ultimate Vegan Chili: Healthy, easy on the wallet and delicious, this ultimate Mexican Chili recipe will serve 4 people. 




TiramisuThis is the classic Italian creamy delicious coffee sponge dessert! Tiramisu means “pull me up or lift me up” which probably to refers to the coffee and sugar combination.

Easy Summer Fruit Bakewell Tart: A wonderful traditional summer fruit type dessert with a shortcrust pastry, jammy fruit layer and a wonderful delicate almond sponge on top, known as a frangipane. Defo one of our favorite summer desserts! For a gluten free option simply replace the white flour with buckwheat or gluten free flour."

Epic Vegan Chocolate Cake: "This epic cake is by no means healthy, but it is insanely delicious and indulgent – just as any good chocolate cake should be! This is food for the soul and definitely one to make for a special occasion, or when you feel like royally impressing your guests."



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