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Our master shoemakers crafted this shoe using the finest vegan and sustainable materials. The velvet upper and cotton lining are made with 100% recycled fibers. Our recyclable outsole is made with 10-12% recycled plastic removed from the ocean.

This design is inspired by Indonesian batik fabric. The border pattern is called Parang, meaning cliff, ridge, or slope in Javanese. It is one of the oldest batik patterns and considered awisan dalem, a pattern reserved for the royal family and once forbidden outside the royal courts. The waves symbolize the unceasing spirit to strive for excellence, like waves pounding against the cliffs. The amaryllis featured at the center is symbolic of love, beauty, and determination.

Due to COVID-19 delays, orders will ship after Dec 3rd.

  • 100% vegan
  • 100% recycled velvet upper
  • 100% recycled cotton inner lining
  • Embroidered with 100% recycled thread
  • Natural jute sole and cording
  • Outsoles made with 10-12% recycled plastics removed from the ocean
  • Handmade in Spain

* Fits true to size. Wearing a half size? We recommending sizing up for a perfect fit.

0.5897° S, 101.3431° E

About the Design

If you start off north, go north, don’t turn east, west, or south.

Javanese Proverb

Sustainably Made

Solanas are handcrafted in Spain combining traditional techniques and modern sustainable methods. Using natural, plant-based, and recycled materials, Solanas inspire greater love for the world and care for the planet.

Emerald of the Equator Collection

When designing the Solana Indonesia Collection, we aimed to capture the feeling of our experience traveling around the islands of Java and Bali. We selected aspects of the culture that struck us most and tried to reflect on this spirit and uniqueness in our designs. Our goal with each shoe was to evoke the breadth of feeling we had on our journey. With each design, we aimed to give the feeling of serenity and peace, calmness and vitality.

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