Tierra Caliente

Tierra Caliente

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Artist: Carolina DM

Embroidery on canvas


"The illustration is inspired by the art of Talavera de Puebla, Mexico. Talavera is a hand-crafted art distinguished by its white and blue colors.

The illustration tells of the history Mexico has lived. At the  center, we see a heart, the heart of Mexico, big and burning. Around it, we find cacti, wolves, and eyes. This means that all Mexicans see life with the strength of a wolf and the resistance of a cactus.

The Mexican lives day to day in the city, land, sea, jungle, desert, etc ..., but the day when his heart stops beating, he can finally reach the great feast of death that we will find there, with our ancestors.

The sun and the moon for me are Yin and Yan. Together creating an eclipse withall kinds of stories and experiences. Just like when they managed to make pyramids, when they were conquered some were demolished and others were built on them. For that reason they have 2 colors in the illustration which are the mixture between old culture and new culture, the illustration is a mix of past, present and future of what is now Mexico.

The Mexican is still fighting for his roots, that is why a large moon is illustrated in the back of the shoe. It signifies the longing for the night to come and the desire to continue dreaming of the beautiful culture that we carry in our blood - a rich history of a country that is rich in culture and colors.

The shoe shows how much we have gone through, what we dream about and what we live day to day in our country. This illustration is for Mexico, my Mexico."

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