Tiger on a Cliff

Tiger on a Cliff

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Artist: Miguel Armenta
100% Cotton T-Shirt: Direct to garment

"In the great variety of cultures, tribes and customs of our country, some have been preserved. Dance is one of them. Many of the dances were ceremonies that our people held for the gods, mainly as an offering for luck and prosperity during the harvest - something that has always been prominent in our lands for generations. I chose the theme of masks as a tribute to the aspect of our country that few people associate with our culture, illustrating some examples mainly from the region of Guerrero. In my design I portray the main character in the dance of the 'Tecuanes,' the tiger or "tecuan." In this dance, the Chichimeca and Zapotec tribes join forces to defeat the tiger who kills off their flocks. Zapotecans and Chichimecans dance and shout to the beat of the drums. The dance involves different characters that help or hinder their purposes: the Devil, who tempts them; the Witch, who helps them with remedies; Death, who will finally kill the tiger, a dog, a bull and a donkey. But the Tiger, is the great protagonist of the dance: although it is a threatening presence, it actually jokes with the children and people. During the Dance, 36 songs are performed, representing the daily activities of the tribes. They are played by tamboreros, who are usually the oldest musicians in the community: beloved and respected, because thanks to their skill they manage to hunt the elusive Tecuani through this festive dance."

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