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Culturally Inspired. Consciously Made.

Solana is a mission-driven company, elevating human stories and principles of cultural and environmental sensitivity through sustainable footwear. Born as the result of decades spent traveling and immersion into cultures around the globe, Solana is the culmination of Founder Yasmine Idriss' unique life story and her mission to inspire pioneers of the future to create a cleaner and more culturally conscious world.

Vegan. Recycled. Earth-Friendly.

Solana espadrilles are handcrafted in Spain at a family-run atelier where the true espadrille heritage is still preserved. Solana is a PETA-Approved Vegan brand and uses earth-friendly materials whenever possible. Our commitment to using sustainable materials is shown through our use of 100% recycled fabrics, natural jute soles and cording, natural dyes, and outsoles made with recycled ocean plastics. As a brand, Solana aims to create the highest quality shoe with the smallest ecological footprint, while setting a new standard for shoes and fashion.

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A Note from our founder, Yasmine Idriss

“Solana began, as many stories do, with a personal journey. Travel is a catalyst for many and for me it became a central tenet of life. Raised in the Middle East and then leading a life of relocation, schooling, and traveling with family, I visited nearly forty countries by the time I turned twenty. These travels left an indelible mark on me, as wanderlust transformed into a sea of new perspectives, new appreciations of other cultures, and new understandings of the power in not only what makes us different but also the harmony that exists in how we are all alike. This realization was one of many of my own awakenings, along with a growing concern for the future of our planet, which illuminated the way for Solana to be born. I believe there is hope to be found at the intersection of fashion, culture, and sustainability. Solana was my way of bringing my dream and vision to life.”


Yasmine Idriss

Founder & Creative Director
Favorite Place on Earth:
The Mediterranean Sea

Cass Hanson

Operations Manager
Favorite Place on Earth:
The Apostle Islands in Lake Superior

Hunter Joslin

Marketing Director
Favorite Place on Earth:
The Himalayas

Alaina Colleen

Favorite Place on Earth:
Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Johna Stone

Favorite Place on Earth: NYC

Carina Skrobecki

Favorite Place on Earth:
The Desert (at dusk)

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