Our Artist Collaboration program brings together artists from around the world to illustrate our shoes and share an impression of their culture. Our handmade, slip-on serves as a blank canvas. With each collection, we pass the paintbrush to artists to create something they feel best reflects their culture. Through their art, they share with us their own unique stories; and through our shoe, we invite our community to step into another world.

Current Collaboration: Mexico

Mexican Artists

Mexican Artists

ANA CENA is an engineer in innovation and design by trade. She’s had a vocation as an artist since her early years. Born in Saltillo, Coahuila, she moved 11 times in 16 years, and attributes her love for her country and people to her frequent moving, growing up. Mexico has been a great influence in her art, especially the vibrancy of its color. 

Ana has won several national and international art contests, most of them inspired by Mexican culture. Her greatest achievement is her participation in the “Franz Mayer Museum” along with Tim Burton’s exhibition for 6 months. She’s also won an honorific mention by the Mexican Space Agency in an art contest in 2018. She has worked several times with the Mexican Institute of Youth on a design project that she manages with Mexican artisans from Sierra del Tigre, Jalisco. Ana likes to transmit her thoughts on life in a fun way by making little sketches and drawings that can entice people to think and reflect.

 is a student of Industrial design at the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Querétaro. He has a particular interest in 3D modeling and finds the process of building a concept, modelling it, and finally making it with his hands extremely satisfying. Axel started creating art when he was 10 years old. What started as regular doodling has become a daily meditative exercise for him. Art, for Axel is a means of seeing the world differently; it offers different perspectives to the same subject. It’s his pathway to the rest of the world.

 is a native of Chihuahua, Mexico. She studied graphic design at the university ISAD in her hometown. Though she’s always been an artist, Carolina discovered her unique artistic style in 2013, distinctively marked by a heart with an eye at its center. Carolina explains that this symbol is her “essence, strength and time in space.” To Carolina, illustration is a way of expressing the attitudes and aptitudes of the human being by means of animals and organic figures. She likes to mix different elements in her creations with the goal of reaching a whole that conveys a powerful message on “the important and simple things in life.” Professionally, Carolina has worked with international brands such as Adidas, Sephora, and Formula1. You can follow her journey on Facebook and Instagram at @i.carolinadm

is a Mexican digital artist, illustrator, designer, and publicist who emerged in art through music and acting since a young age. His work is constantly inspired to find beauty in the details of the simplest things in life. The "Realismo Mágico" (Magical Realism) is his greatest influence. His piece "El Rey" (The King) has been exhibited by Arthink Editions in Italy. His piece "El Testigo" (The Witness) is now part of the V Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art. He was recently selected by Editorial Send Points Publishing Co. to collaborate in the publication of the book "Cool Visual Series: Collage" among other publications of art, nationally and internationally.

was born in Tenochtitlan, near Mexico City. She earned her BA in Industrial Design at the CIDI UNAM and her Master’s degree in Engineering Design at CEU Cardenal Herrera. Mena has worked in different design areas such as product design, graphic design, web design and illustration. She

attributes her introduction to art to her grandmother who was her first artistic influence. She taught her how to draw, knit, bake… Mena currently focuses on visual art projects like coloring books, comics and children's books, drawing on the subject of feminism in particular. Mena has earned several awards in her field, including a feature in a Mexican bestselling non-fiction book titled "Había una vez mexicanas que hicieron historia" published by Penguin Random House; "Bestiary coloring book" published by Amazon Creative Space 2017; "El camino a Mictlán" published by Amazon Creative Space 2015.

is a Mexico City based artist. With an academic background in design and a personal search in the forms of expression, a transdisciplinary visual artist is formed who transits media and techniques to access a personal language. The fundamental lines of his work are movement and writing. Movement as a fundamental factor of the natural order and writing as an intrinsic value in the construction of the social. With these two pillars, he seeks to link society with spirituality.


Lebanese Artists

LUCCIANA BARADHI is a Lebanese illustrator with a BA and Masters in Illustration at the Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA). She works primarily with pencil, aquarelle, and digital art. Lucciana has a particular interest in children’s comic books, nature, plants, and patterns. Drawn to simple fine lines, and obsessed with patterns & texture, Lucciana aspires to one day work in fabric design. Artists such as Matisse, Lorenzo Mattotti, Depuis et Berberian, Joann Sfar have had a deep impact on her creativity. Lucciana uses her art as a means of expression and storytelling, and especially loves to illustrate trees and flowers.


 was born in Baabda, 1988. He is an artist and interior architect living and working in Beirut, Lebanon. Through the media of pen and ink, and a desire of lines and colors, Jad gave birth to the – Potato Nose – An art creation of fictive characters floating freely throughout a composition and reflecting family, friends and surrounding as well as extending to people and places that he experienced during his travels, dreams and nightmares. Jad’s drive is to light up social/political subjects through public art installations. He strongly believes that urban art interventions can make a change.


 is an interior architect and illustrator. Lynn hopes to create spaces and images that connect with her surroundings. In her work, she tries to explore human emotion and searches for Lebanese identity. Lynn randomly loves discovering photographs taken in the 1950’s.





SARAH ADAIME is a current student at the acclaimed Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA), completing her BFA in illustration. She was drawn to design at a young age. While watching cartoons, Sarah would wonder about every detail: the lines of the characters, the colors, the setting… and then try to recreate them in her own view. Sarah has used her creativity to challenge her thinking and broaden her perspective. Moving forward, she aspires to learn from her art, to let her creativity teach her to critically engage, socially reclaim, and radically re-imagine Lebanon through the arts.

TRACY CHAHWAN is a comic book artist and illustrator. Her graphic novel "Beirut Bloody Beirut" is published by Hachette (collection Marabulles) in France. She has worked on multiple short comics. In 2017, she co-founded the Lebanese comics collective "Zeez." Her illustration work mainly focuses on visuals for underground music venues and groups, like Yukunkun club and The BGC. In march 2018, she won the Mahmoud Kahil award in the "Graphic Illustrations" category.