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A note from our founder, Yasmine Idriss:

“Solana began, as many stories do, with a personal journey.

Travel is a driver for many and, for me, it became a central tenet of life. Raised in the Middle East and then leading a life of relocation, schooling and traveling with family, I visited almost 40 countries by the time I turned 20.

These travels left an indelible mark on me, as wanderlust transformed into a sea of new perspectives, new appreciations of other cultures and new understandings of the strength in not only what makes us different but also the harmony that exists in how we are all alike. This realization was one of many of my own awakenings and illuminated the way for Solana to be born.”

An organic amalgamation of stories, experiences and cultures, Solana is a movement and a narrative. Shining light on not only different cultures but the personal experiences of people, Solana tells stories that are above all else authentic and compassionate. There is a necessity to see the world globally and a yearning for human connection: by sharing the stories of people around the world, Solana seeks to raise awareness and foster both understanding and connections.

Our Values

  • Solana is a brand born out of a belief in the importance of globalism and compassion
  • We are a movement, raising the voices of the underrepresented
  • The future holds endless possibilities for harmony, if we only make an effort to see things from another perspective

Our Mission

  • We are storytellers seeking to raise global awareness and highlight underserved voices and humanitarian narratives
  • We strive to provide an avenue for elevated awareness via our multimedia platform and to raise the bar for ethical fashion through our global footwear