The clothing industry contributes 10% of the pollution driving the climate crisis. It is also a major driver in unethical labor practices around the world. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way.

At Solana, we are committed to using the most eco-friendly materials available to us and to doing our part to combat the climate and energy crisis. We are doing what we can because we must, and we believe it is high time other businesses join the sustainable movement.

For us, quality is a byproduct of our desire for connection. At our core, we are a socially responsible brand that believes everything we do should be done with intention. Our mission is to inspire the pioneers of the future to create a cleaner, more culturally conscious world. Every Solana shoe is designed to bridge cultural divides while also caring for the planet.

Solana shoes are ethically made in Spain at a family-run atelier where the true espadrille heritage is still preserved. It is a matter of taste, lifestyle, and priority. It is simply our goal to create the highest quality shoe with the lowest possible ecological footprint, while setting a new standard for what you and the planet deserve.

The solutions are out there, but it's a matter of thinking differently about the world. There is a lot of work to be done, but we believe it is possible. We invite you to explore our process, to see the time and attention given to every shoe. Ultimately, you have the power to change how clothes are made by demanding better for yourself and the planet. Ultimately, the educated buyer has the power to force organizations to rethink their destructive production practices and to begin putting people and planet first.

Set the bar higher for yourself and the world.

Step 1

Designing + Drawing the Shoe's Model

Step 2

Cut + Embroider Fabric Components

Step 3

First Quality Check + Lining Reinforcement

Step 4

Planet Friendly Soles + Natural Jute Midsoles

Step 5

Hand Sewing the Natural Jute Cording

Step 6

Shaping the Shoe

Step 7

Final Preparation + Quality Check