The clothing industry contributes 10% of the pollution driving the climate crisis. It is also a major driver in unethical labor practices around the world. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way.

At Solana, we are committed to using the finest earth-friendly materials available to us and to doing our part to combat the climate crisis.

In terms of quality, we do not cut corners nor exploit workers. Our shoes are handmade. For espadrilles, this means hand stitching the upper and hand sewing the jute cording. The other espadrille makers do not do this because it's time intensive and costly, but we believe it's worth it. You will see and feel the difference -- your shoes will last for years, not months.

Watch the our video and read through the steps below to see how our shoes are made at this exclusive, family-run atelier in Spain.

Step 1

Designing + Drawing the Shoe's Model

Step 2

Cut + Embroider Fabric Components

Step 3

First Quality Check + Lining Reinforcement

Step 4

Planet Friendly Soles + Natural Jute Midsoles

Step 5

Hand Sewing the Natural Jute Cording

Step 6

Shaping the Shoe

Step 7

Final Preparation + Quality Check