Submission Guidelines

Travel Writers

We see beauty in the unknown and continually seek opportunities to learn and grow through a widening of our perspective. By sharing stories and experiences from places far and wide, we hope to celebrate our planet and all of humanity through conversations that bring us together.

We are seeking writers who have a unique and exciting travel or adventure story to share to be included in our featured digital Stories. We are considering all writers, but we are especially interested in providing young and aspiring writers an opportunity to share their work.

What we're looking for:

Themes for Spring 2021 Editorial 
Short 300-500 words // Long 1,000-1,500 words

Lessons Learned in Unknown Places:
Have you been on a trip, or journey, or pilgrimage that changed your life or impacted you in a significant way? We want to hear about the people, places, and experiences that altered your perspective and shaped your way of viewing the world. Where did you go, what happened, what did you learn?

Moments of Connectivity with Nature:
Tell us about a moment, an experience, a trip where you felt overwhelmed by Mother Nature's presence and energy. How did it feel to be in this space? What transformation did you experience? These occasions are becoming less and less frequent for many of us, and when they do happen they can be very powerful. Feel free to express this in any form, including poetry.

Your submission will be read! If it's selected, it will be published in our online Stories and included in our newsletters and on social media. We have over 20,000 visitors to our site every month. This is a great opportunity for new and aspiring writers to share their name and written work with a wide audience. Top submissions in each category will receive a modest prize.

Long form: first prize pair of Solanas or $100, second prize $30, third prize $20
Short form: first prize $50, second prize $20, third prize $10


  • Only original submissions

  • Submissions must include original photography that belongs to you

  • Short form category: 300-700 words

  • Long form category: 1,000 - 1,500 words

Please submit your work here with:

  • Title of the article

  • One paragraph introduction of yourself

  • The complete, edited story

  • 2-5 low res captivating photos

  • Include your social media handle 


  • We will accept entries until Feb 15, 2021

  • We will announce the winners Mar 1, 2021 

Terms of Participation:

All submissions are eligible for publication. By submitting your article you are giving Solana, LLC permission to share the complete work online or elsewhere.


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