For Solana, authenticity and ethics will always come first.

By sharing stories from around the world, we seek to uphold a narrative of understanding. Including voices that media brands may tend to overlook is at the core of our drive - we believe there is an awakening that comes from travel and a unity that springs from shared experiences. By raising up stories that may not have been otherwise heard, we seek to illuminate cultural authenticity.

Solana footwear is a natural extension of that same passion and honesty, as we place a high value on ethical sourcing and good working conditions. Much like the journey of cultural awakening, the journey for ethical production took on a literal form as well, starting in Beirut and sprawling out to Las Vegas, Portugal, Spain, Beirut again and, finally, to the home of our ethically handmade footwear at a family-run factory in León, Mexico.

From media to fashion and encompassing all the ideals in between, Solana is committed to humanitarianism, understanding and a guiding principle of compassion.