Sustainable shoes.
Handmade in Spain.

We use the finest, earth-friendly materials. Always.

Culturally Inspired Styles

Solana shoes are inspired by cultures around the world

Quality Craftsmanship

Solana shoes are handcrafted in Spain with impeccable attention to detail

Solana espadrilles are handcrafted in Spain using comfortable, earth-friendly materials. Our focus on quality is about cultivating intention and meaning. Our mission is to inspire sustainability while sharing stories from cultures around the world. Join us on our journey!

The story behind

The Solstice Mule

Discover Solstice

The Solana Story

Solana collections are inspired by travel and cultures around the world. Take the journey that inspired Solana's Indonesia Collection.

Travel Stories

This spring we launched a call for travel writers to share their stories on Lessons Learned in Unknown Places and Moments of Connectivity in Nature. The result is an inspiring and eclectic mix, from free diving in Hawaii, to a village in Thailand, to volcanic eruptions in Antigua, to sultry days in Cuba, and more. We hope their reflections encourage you to celebrate what's right with the world, shedding light on all that's unfamiliar and beautiful.